Chief Judge of Lagos Set to Release Inmates

The Chief Judge of Lagos will be releasing inmates in prisons across Lagos State on the 6th and 7th of December. In a letter addressed to the Director of Prisoners’ Rights Advocacy Initiative(PRAI) by the Lagos State Judiciary, the Honourable Chief Judge of Lagos State, Hon. Justice Opeyemi Oke, will be visiting the Prisons to release some deserving inmates on compassionate grounds. The details of the visits are stated below:
Kirikiri Maximum Prison
Kirikiri Medium Prison
Kirikiri Female Prison      – Thursday, 6th December, 2018
Ikoyi Prison                      – Friday, 7th December, 2018
Recall that PRAI had asked for a review of the criteria for release in its letter of 1st  November 2018 and some of our suggestions was taken into consideration by the Honourable Chief Judge

We made the following suggestions in our letter:

1. Awaiting Trial Persons who have spent more than one year in prison for minor offences should be considered for release.
2. Awaiting Trial Persons who have spent more than two years for serious offences should be considered.
3. An audit should be done to identify and release inmates who have spent a period longer than the maximum period of imprisonment which they could have served had they been convicted of the offence in respect of which they were detained.
4. Consider organizing a rehabilitation programme for those to be released before their release and a possible follow up programme after release, to reduce to a minimum the possibility of them reoffending and returning back to the prison. This leg can be done in partnership with government parastatals and non-governmental organizations offering such services. Prisoners’ Rights Advocacy Initiative (PRAI) is available to support your good office in this regard as well as other areas your lordship may deem fit.

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