Prisoners’ Rights Advocacy Initiative (PRAI) is a non-governmental organization providing pro-bono legal and rehabilitation services to prison inmates. PRAI’s areas of focus are advocacy, legal defence, rehabilitation and reintegration.

PRAI was founded in 2012 and has since then been advocating that the public prosecution arm of the state be more responsible in its role to ensure speedy trials of accused persons, agitating against unlawful detention and bringing to the attention of government matters bothering on the welfare of prisoners and other victims of human rights abuse.

Our organization has secured the release of over 200 prisoners and is currently handling many more cases in various courts across the federation. The organization is helping to bring smiles on the faces of victims of human rights abuse. Our activities were instrumental to the establishment of the Lagos Public Interest Law Partnership (LPILP), a scheme that encourages law firms to take up pro bono cases for indigents.

Hundreds of inmates acrossvarious Prisons have benefitted from PRAI’s Skills Acquisition, Business Development and Value Reorientation Workshops. We recently started a re-entry programme for convicts and awaiting trial persons due to be released. The components of the re-entryprogramme are General and Psychological Assessment of the inmates; Counseling; and Job/Educational Support.

PRAI supports the education of inmates through establishment of schools in prisons that do not have one and provision of volunteer teachers to prepare the inmates for external examinations. Our intervention has led to tremendous improvement in the performance of the inmates.

We are committed to ensuring a just and efficient administration of
criminal justice system in Nigeria.Our ultimate goal is to ensure that inmates get justice without delay and they stay out of prison upon release.


Prior to its registration in 2012, the Trustees of the organization in their seal to ensuring that peoples right and privileges are not affected unduly had carried out many pro bono (free) legal services to affected prison inmates who were illegally incarcerated, amongst this numerous cases, are the cases of,Mamman V. Commissioner of police & A.G of Lagos and Sule Sanni V. Commissioner of police & A.G of Lagos,both cases were taking up in 2011,the applicants in these cases were imprisoned for between 10 to 13 years without trial, action was instituted in court, the applicants were later released with damages awarded against the respondents in favour of the applicants. As a result of this landmark success and many other activities carried out, the Trustees deemed it fit to incorporate the organization in the year 2012 to further strengthen its activities of prisoners’ rights advocacy across board.


Our most distinguished, dignified, well respected and highly versatile Trustees include; Honourable Justice Habeeb Adewale Abiru (Chairman), Chief Gani Adetola-Kaseem, SAN (Member), Major Shettima Abba-Gana (Rtd) (Member), Alhaji Ibrahim Jose(Member), Mr. Ahmed Adetola-Kazeem(Director/Founder), and Mr. AbubakarYekini(Member).